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 Trophy Elk Our Specialty Plus Mule Deer

In an era of ranch and high fenced hunts, we offer a premiere, FAIR CHASE wilderness experience. Wyoming law requires non-residents to be with a licensed guide while hunting in designated wilderness areas. Our hunting camp and area is located south of Yellowstone Park in Wyoming`s Teton Wilderness consisting of 585,238 acres.

The hunts we offer are the traditional pack in type with horses to ride and mules to carry supplies and equipment. A deluxe tent camp will be awaiting our clients arrival. We supply guides, wranglers, cooks, wholesome all you can eat meals, motel pickup in Jackson, trophy and meat care, transportation of meat to a processor and if you wish, trophies taken to a taxidermist.

Dave Hettinger has been a licensed outfitter since 1975, and as your outfitter, Dave is in camp guiding on all hunts. Years of experience has taught us to keep hunter numbers low to produce highly personalized hunts and a high degree of success.

We take pride in hiring some of the finest professional guides and support staff available. The weather and your shooting ability in hunting situations (there are no bench rests in elk country), will be main factors determining success on any given hunt we offer. Horses are used throughout the hunt, but some hunting is done on foot. Come prepared to get up early and be out all day.

2018 Teton Wilderness Hunts

ELK (General License) & MULE DEER (Region E)

From the beginning the Yellowstone area has produced true trophy quality big bulls. This area is famous for its large elk and deer migrations. DHO is pleased to offer an early to mid September archery elk hunt. Our area has miles of north slope, timbered bench country which is ideal terrain for calling bulls in close. 20 to 40 yards is common and the elk will be there in good supply. On these archery hunts, hunting afoot is the norm for locating and working bugling bulls.

Starting in mid September through mid October we offer a great rifle trophy elk or combination trophy elk and mule deer hunt. Mid September through mid October is the elk rut, so calling is part of each days hunting strategy. During mid to late October we offer a Teton Wilderness front range, migration hunt.  This is a non-pack in horse hunt with lodge and/or cabin accommodations.  We count on snow to trigger game movement out of the high country.  Most seasons this occurs in early to mid October.  On all of our hunts deer are very scattered and should be considered a bonus animal to your elk hunt.

  • Archery Elk Hunts 

Dates:   September 9-15 (7 days) 1 hunter, 1 guide Cost: $5950

              September 9-17 (9 days)

1 hunter, 1 guide Cost: $6800
2 hunters, 1 guide Cost: $5800

  • 8-day Rifle Elk Hunts (Deer optional)

Dates:   September 19-26  ~  September 28-October 5   ~  October 7-14

1 hunter, 1 guide Cost: $6800
2 hunters, 1 guide Cost: $5800

  • Front Range Migration Rifle Elk Hunts (Deer optional)

Dates:   October 18-24

1 hunter, 1 guide Cost: $5950
2 hunters, 1 guide Cost: $5075

*Lodge and/or cabin accommodation

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 List of Recommended Equipment for Fall Hunts 

*Important Information

On elk hunts DHO handles 4-6 hunters with 3-4 guides per hunt. Non hunters are definitely welcome at a cost of $2100.

In our area hunting is for 4 point or better bulls. We prefer hunting for mature 5 point or better bulls.

If you will be hunting with a semiautomatic rifle please do not contact us about a hunting trip.

Due to our concern for the safety of clients and humane treatment of our horses, we will not take anyone weighing over 250 lbs. It is our opinion that a total load exceeding 300 lbs. is too heavy even for a large horse in mountainous terrain.

DEPOSIT AND REFUND POLICY: For elk and deer hunts a deposit of 25%(partial deposit) is required to reserve your hunt dates. If you do not draw a tag we will fully refund your deposit within 30 days following the draw date.

If you draw a tag we require a total deposit of 50% due within 30 days following the drawing date. If you draw a tag deposits are non-refundable.

PAYMENTS: A personal check is acceptable for payment of the deposit. Please, no personal checks for final payment unless received one month prior to your hunt dates. Final payment upon arrival must be made with a cashiers check or money order. Cash is not a good idea in the backcountry.


  • Elk & Fishing $707.00
  • Special Elk & Fishing $1283.00
  • (Application Dates: Jan.1 – Jan.31)
  • Deer $389.00
  • Special Deer $677.00
  • (Application Dates: Jan.1 – Mar. 15)

Note: The above fees include a non-refundable $15.00 application fee.

Elk Preference Point $50.00 …… Deer Preference Point $40.00

Note: Preference Points need to be purchased July 1-October 31 from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.