Summer Pack Trips

Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness adjoins Yellowstone Park on its north boundary, the Washakie Wilderness on its east side and Grand Teton Park to the west. All combined, this totals over 3,500,000 acres of possibly the grandest country in the Rocky Mountain chain. Visitors come from around the world to the tune of 4 million plus annually. Yet only a fraction of these people get off the beaten path and experience the true backcountry.

Dave Hettinger Outfitting offers safe and enjoyable camping horse tours of this magnificent backcountry area. Photography, fishing, wildlife and wildflower viewing, horsemanship, and the age old art of packing along with daily scenic horseback rides are a sample of things to occupy body and mind. DHO specializes in progressive trips for small groups. On these trips we move to a different campsite every day or every other day. One camp location trips are also an option where we remain at one campsite for the duration of the trip.

On either style trip, your safety, comfort and enjoyment is of the utmost importance to us. Camp will consist of lightweight sleeping tents, but roomy enough to stand up plus accomodate comfortable cots with pads. All you can eat meals are served under a dining fly. A sanitary toilet and a shower is always part of our camp. We prefer small groups, but if an individual party is less than 6 guests we reserve the right to add additional guests for a total of 6-8 clients per trip. Your outfitter is on all trips assuring personalized service.

On our trips, guests can expect to ride 4-6 hours daily with frequent stops. We recommend youths be a minimum of 12 years of age, but have taken some as young as 8.


 ~Headwaters of the Yellowstone Fishing Camp
~High Country Lake Fishing
~Bighorn Sheep & Wildlife Scouting Trips
~Amateur & Professional Photography Trips
~Lots of Trail Riding and Campfire Fellowship


PRICES: Starting at $360 per day per person. (Group and youth discounts. Please inquire)

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